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Try Classroom Safari's Animal Trivia Quiz

1) What is a Tegu?


2) What color is an Alligator?


3) What color is an albino Burmese Python?


4) How sharp are a Hedgehogs needle sharp quills?


5) Ferrets are in what family?


6) Genets are members of what family?


7) Fennec Foxes can hear?


8) Of all the foxes, Fennecs have the largest: ?


9) Serval cats look like:


10) Clouded Leopards have canine teeth like what extinct animal?


11) The new Caledonian Crested Gecko was once thought to be:?


12) Where are Clouded Leopards from?


13) Serval are active:?


14) The Boa Constrictors color and pattern help them to: